The Conservation Trophy, a miniature Emperor penguin carved by Christchurch sculptor Patrick Mulcahy in African Walnut, was presented to the Society in 1971 by Mr Peter Voyce. Mr Voyce inherited a desire for conservation of nature from his father, Mr NI. Voyce, President of the North Canterbury Acclimatisation Society. In his presentation speech, Peter Voyce commented "Antarctica slowly but surely is going the same way as the other continents and is becoming polluted we must try to keep Antarctica as man found it".

The Trophy is awarded by the Council of the New Zealand Antarctic Society, if possible on an annual basis, to any person or organisation contributing significantly to any aspect of Antarctic or sub-Antarctic conservation. Conservation shall extend to the preservation of flora and/or fauna, the preservation of any buildings, sites and artifacts of historical significance and the preservation of natural features of Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic area.

1972 J. Foster
1973 L. Quartermain
1974 B. Norris
1975 E. Gibbs
1976 P. Sagar
1977 Project Jonah (NZ)
1978 A. J. Black
1979 Dr B. Stonehouse
1980 Prof G.A. Knox
1981 R. M. Conly
1983 G. J. Wilson
1984 M. W. Cawthorn
1985 Dr L. G. Greenfield
1987 D. Harrowfield
1991 L. Goldsworthy
1994 S. Miller
1996 TVNZ Natural History Unit
1995 Antarctic Heritage Trust
2004 C. Cochran
2008 P.Carey
2012 Al. Fastier
2014 N. Gilbert
2016 Lizzie Meek

Note: No award was made in years not listed.

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