Artists and Writers Programme

By the end of the season, three unusual individuals will have travelled south to "experience" Antarctica under Antarctica New Zealand's Artists to Antarctica Programme (in collaboration with Creative New Zealand), and will incorporate their personal impressions into future creations.

David Trubridge is one of New Zealand's best-known designers of contemporary furniture. He produces unusual designs for industry. one-off commissions for individual clients, and a range of stock designs. He has twenty-five years of experience and an international reputation for his unique designs. In his own words:

"my ideas come from the wild places, edges of turbulence and renewal, where seas break on beaches and headlands, where land and air meet on mountain ridges. I make forms of elemental simplicity, as the erosion of air and water on wood and stone, forms that speak of humanity's survival on earth, of life's fragility and dependence, of comfort in the ways of the past that have succoured us, and optimism for a sustainable and enriching future. I work within the limits of what I have and know, simplicity and low impact, natural materials and processes, leaving a delicate footprint."

David is keen to study ice structures and to visit the historic huts when he goes south in January. He hopes to develop a series of works based on these structures for survival to exhibit in New Zealand and internationally.

Grahame Sydney is one of New Zealand's best known landscape artists whose paintings hang in the drawing rooms of Elton John, Nelson Mandela and Sam Neill. Based in Dunedin, many of his works uniquely capture the gold and browns of the shadow-folded land and tussock-tufted hills. He has been described as a "realist painting icon". He is a "trim and fit-looking" veteran multi-sporter and one time coast to coaster who still tries to swim a kilometre a day.

Sydney travelled south to Antarctica for three weeks at the end of November and was reported to have been reeling to find himself on the "white side of the moon", awed by the minimalist landscape of Antarctica and eager to translate what he sees and feels onto canvas.

Laurence Fearnley is a fiction writer and curator who has also written extensively on New Zealand craft artists. She graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 1997 with an MA, with distinction, in Creative

Writing, and in the same year had a short story broadcasted on National Radio. Publication of a second short story in Sport was followed by the publication of a novel, The Sound of Her Body (1998).

In 2000 Fearnley received a New Work grant from Creative New Zealand and published a second novel, Room (2000), which was shortlisted for the 2001 Montana New Zealand Book Awards. Her third novel, Delphine's Run, was published in


When she visits Antarctica in January she will use the experience to gather material to write a new novel based on the Antarctic environment.

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