Antarctic - The Publication of the New Zealand Antarctic Society

Antarctic is the flagship publication of the Society. Antarctic, is unique in that it is the only non-biased magazine in the world that covers current international activities in Antarctica. The first issue was printed in 1956 . It is currently published in the A4 format, with several pages in full colour.

The first issue appeared in the B4 format, in 1997 the publication began using colour as well as the A4 format, which continues today.

Antarctic is published four times per year

Articles cover a full range of international Antarctic and Sub Antarctic matters, including:

  • News from National Antarctic programmes
  • Summary of Antarctic Treaty Meetings
  • Restoration of historic sites
  • Results from international science projects
  • Private expeditions
  • Whaling, and fishing news
  • Antarctic tourism
  • Historical commentary and essays
  • Book reviews
  • Tributes to those who have passed away
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    View and Search Past Issues

    The NZ Antarctic Society has made back issues of its magazine Antarctic available for searching and download. These include all years from 1956 to 2010. These will be a valuable source of mterial for Antarctic researchers.

    To view these click here .... or go to Our Magazine and follow the links.

    To search these click here ....

    We sell back issues of the journal (see back issues). Original copies of issues in volume 1 and 2 are extremely scarce, and quality photocopies are sold in their place. Good stocks are available of most other volumes.

    Advice to Contributors to the publication Antarctic

    The New Zealand Antarctic Society Inc. was formed in 1933. A Membership to the Society entitles members to Antarctic, the publication of the New Zealand Antarctic Society.

    Antarctic is a full colour, magazine-style, quarterly publication. It contains articles relating to the activities of all the nations working in the Antarctic, the Southern Ocean and Sub-Antarctic islands. Articles relate to Antarctic functions and events, scientific investigations, environmental protection, Antarctic Treaty related matters, arts and youth programmes, historic site preservation, obituaries, private expeditions, governmental activities affecting the region, poetry and book reviews and the history of exploration and explorers.

    The Editor of Antarctic welcomes articles from any person on any subject related to Antarctica, the Southern Ocean or Sub-Antarctic regions. Articles may be submitted at any time to the Editor at The Editor reserves the right to decline to publish an article for any reason whatsoever. Note that all articles will be subject to editorial review before publishing.

    Guidelines for authors

    Writing notes
    1. Articles should be typed in Ariel 11 point font using Microsoft Word and emailed to the Editor.
    2. Each article should have a short paragraph at the start which acts as a leader to the article.
    3. New Zealand spellings should be used except in proper names.
    4. The Editor must be advised ahead of time if an author is intending to submit an article over 1500 words in length as these may need to be published over two issues of the magazine.
    5. Only original pieces of work can be accepted. Submission implies that an identical article has not been published elsewhere.

    Article size
  • A one-page short article requires 400 words plus 1 full width image
  • A two-page/double spread article requires 700 words plus 2 to 3 images
  • A longer feature article requires 900 to 1100 words plus 3 to 4 images
  • Articles between 1100 and 2000 words plus 5 to 6 images may be published over two publication issues
  • Book reviews should be no more than 400 words plus a high resolution scan of the cover. Book reviews should include the ISBN/ISSN, publisher and recommended retail price.

  • Images
    Images to accompany all articles are welcomed.
    1. Images should be high resolution (at least 300 dpi) in jpg or tiff format and should be accompanied by a caption and credit for each image.
    2. Authors should ensure that they have permission to use images that are not their own. Authors must supply written permission from the copyright holders to use any images that are submitted.
    3. Images for consideration for the front and back covers must be portrait (upright) in orientation and must be very high resolution. They should be accompanied by a caption and photographer credit.

    I look forward to receiving your articles for Antarctic.

    Editor Antarctic

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