New Zealand Antarctic Society (NZAS)

Our History:

The New Zealand Antarctic Society was formed in 1933 and has branches in New Zealand's main centres as well as an international membership.

Except for a small recess during World War 2 it has been active throughout New Zealand since 1933.

There are currently three active branches in New Zealand
  • Auckland
  • Wellington; and
  • Christchurch

  • Antarctic - Our journal
    The society publishes four times a year our full colour journal (magazine style) which covers a wide range of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic topics, including:
  • Articles cover a full range of international Antarctic and Subantarctic matters, including:
  • News from National Antarctic programmes;
  • Summary of Antarctic Treaty Meetings;
  • Restoration of historic sites;
  • Results from science projects;
  • Private expeditions;
  • Whaling, and fishing news;
  • Antarctic tourism;
  • Historical commentary and essays;
  • Book reviews; and
  • Tributes to those who have passed away.

  • Our Constitution:
    A copy of our Constitution is available for download by clicking this link.

    Over the years the Society has published a number of books covering a wide range of Antarctic topics. Our most recent books include a book on Vanda Station in the Wright Dry Valley and a collection of polar articles published first published in The Christchurch Press.

    Over the years the Society has undertaken or contributed to a wide range of projects to ensure that New Zealand's Antarctic endeavours are not forgotten with time. These include:
  • the Byrd Memorial on Mt Victoria, Wellington;
  • the placing of a headstone on Harry McNeish's grave in the Karori cemetery; and
  • most recently the collection of oral archives of New Zealander's involved in the early years since 1956 .